This book was a pleasure to read. The story keeps you interested and the characters are very well written. The author makes you care about all of them. The cover art is spectacular and I can't wait to read the next book. I know there is a third that is in progress. Waiting for that one too be published is going to be a chore.


I am really enjoying this book. It’s like receiving most interesting history lesson – the characters and vivid descriptions really paint the picture of what life would have been like at the time of the story. The author is an excellent story teller.


This is a well written, insightful depiction of the orphan/inmate situation in Buffalo for the time period. I am a huge fan of historical fiction and Rosanne knocked it out of the park. Anyone of Irish heritage, ties to Western New York, social workers, general historians or avid readers will enjoy this novel. I am looking forward to the sequel.

V. Brunette

A wonderful read, revolving around life in 1835 in Buffalo New York
and the life of one young woman who worked to give a better life and give hope
to children. Looking forward to the Volumn II.


I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It's a clever blend of the places and history of Buffalo with an engaging story of an Irish newly-orphaned young woman's arrival in Buffalo and how she is forced to deal with her tragic circumstances, eventually becoming the savior of destitute children. This book provides insight into the harsh reality of the disparity between the social classes of the time, yet it also demonstrates that the hard work, dedication and kindness of a few can make a difference for so many.

Cody Kelly

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orphans and Inmates

In the spring of 1835, at the pier of Buffalo's Canal District, the most dangerous square mile in developing America, 17 year old Ciara Sloane steps onto the land, alone save for her younger sisters, orphaned at sea on the voyage from Ireland. Turned away by her only family on this side of the Atlantic, Ciara is admitted to the almshouse, along with her sisters, as the nursemaid charged with bringing order to the chaos that is the children's ward. With the help of the Christian Ladies Charitable Society, led by the formidable Mrs. Farrell and the compassionate and charming Dr. Michael Nolan, Ciara is able to transform the children's ward from a place of loneliness and despair to one of optimism and hope.

Cover concept sketch by Robert J. Higgins