The Seer and the scholar

A chance discovery takes anthropologist-turned-novelist Maude Travers through a centuries-old missing person's investigation. Each piece of evidence triggers vivid dreams of the Sloane sisters as they help Buffalo's poorest residents during the cholera epidemic of 1849. Maude is compelled to keep digging as she suspects that her dreams of Martha Sloane and the decisions she struggles with as the first female medical student might, in fact, be true. A trip to the Modern Spiritualist community of Lily Dale, New York, brings the realization that, once again, the dead still have much to tell. A psychic medium and the spirit of a nineteenth century school teacher enable Maude to reconcile the past with the present and to glimpse what the future might hold.


 Another Page Turner! You Won't Want to Put it Down!
By T. Lawrence on November 14, 2015 Amazon

This is the third volume in the Orphans and Inmates series. Dr. Higgins seamlessly moves her characters and settings from one novel to the next. The focus shifts to different characters, and the plot varies slightly, in each book. However, the underlying story and venue remain the same.

In this novel, Maude and Don Travers are back. They own an antique shop in Buffalo, New York. However, Maude, a former full professor of anthropology, still dabbles in research. She is particularly interested in local history during the mid to late 1800’s. Her main fascination is how the cholera epidemic affected the less fortunate residents of the area.

Maude’s scholarly exploration is how she first came across the story of the Sloane Sisters: Ciara, Patricia, and Martha. As in the first two novels, the story fluctuates between the past and the present. This tale focuses mainly on Martha, the youngest Sloane sister, who is a medical student. A female medical student at that point in history is interesting enough, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Another completely intriguing addition to this book is the aspect of Spiritualism. To say anything more would be giving some of the plot away. Suffice it to say that the surprise ending may just leave you with your jaw hanging open.

I highly suggest this novel to any lover of suspense, history, and the New York area. For the third time, real-life anthropologist, Dr. Higgins, has proven her expert ability to blend her career in academia with a well-developed plot and characterization. Well done!

Loved it
By Jenna on November 27, 2015 Amazon

A beautiful blend of historical facts with a great twist of story telling. I enjoyed this third book from Dr. Higgins. I feel as though I walked through the 1800's with her characters. I look forward to book 4. I also enjoyed that each book stands alone as a story... But reading all 3 is better. Great read.

The poor house, women's suffrage and Modern Spiritualism
By Jacqueline Lunger, psychic on December 28, 2015 Amazon

The complex story line develops in 1849, Buffalo, NY and includes: Irish immigrants, a medical college, the cholera epidemic, the poor house, women's suffrage and Modern Spiritualism. These elements are intertwined to portray the possibility of evolutionary reincarnation. Can we repair our mistakes in a future lifetime? The author weaves a very plausible tale of factual research and hopeful imaginings that transport the reader through portals of life in two very different centuries.

It was a fun book to read
By Amazon Customer on March 4, 2016

It was a fun book to read. Although it was mostly fiction, it was about the area in which I grew up and continue to live to this day. Most of the streets were familiar. Some must have disappeared as the City grew. Although most the characters were fictional, the challenges of that time period were real. The nationalities depicted in the book made up a major part of the inhabitants in that time period. The author had a movie unraveling in my head as I read the book as well as did her first two books. I felt like I was right there in the midst of all that was occurring. All three of the books I read, left me wanting for more, and I look forward to reading her next book.

Five Stars
By MelCrab on February 17, 2016 Amazon

Love love love this series! Cannot wait for more



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